Monday, December 20, 2010

First of the munches

Many words have been used to describe me, but creative is not one.  I am certainly not the kind of girl to re-invent the wheel by any means, but in my line of work (occupational therapist) I am often forced to get creative with unconventional items to maximize my patient's functional abilities.  But when I'm not backed into a culinary corner, I often turn to my wonderful husband, an avid food enthusiast to get my creative juices flowing.

At a recent family holiday event, I was assigned appetizers.  Through much thought (mostly by the old ball and chain) we decided on puff pastry "Reuben" rolls and chicken salad bites.


For the Reubens, roll the sheet of puff pastry out flat, layer with meat and cheese to your desired volume, roll, slice, and bake to the box's directions. When I first made these, I did one layer each of meat and cheese and everyone agreed that at least double the meat would have made all the difference in the world. Once baked and cooled, dress to kill with your choice of spicy brown mustard, thousand island dressing, and sauerkraut.


For the chicken salad bites, I simply unrolled the sheet of puff pastry flat and rolled it up into log form, just like the Reubens but naked. Slice and bake per the box's directions. You can use your grandmomther's recipe or make your own...of take the "energy efficient" route and hop over to your neighborhood Fresh Market and grab whichever salad suits your fancy. We chose the Waldorf chicken salad. Dollop the salad onto the baked and slightly cooled spirals, top with fresh chopped chives and dill, and enjoy!


Bon Appetit!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Welcome to Lunches and Munches!  As a young, working girl recently out of grad school, I find myself eating frequent lunches and snacks.  Lunch happens to be my favorite meal of the day and yes, we are indeed creatures of habit so I do frequent certain places, but I also like to try new things.  This is a way to chronicle some of my lunch adventures and favorite munchies (some store bought and some homemade).  Enjoy!