Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fuego in the Prado: Fuego Mundo!

First of all, apologies for my tardiness in this post. Between working full time plus my commute plus my continuing education courses plus my part time housewife duties, I have fallen slightly behind on discussing the grilled perfection that Fuego Mundo has achieved.

At a food blogger's event, the owners of Fuego Mundo allowed us to step into their mindset of the 90% gluten free menu. When I first heard about this gluten free restaurant, I was skeptical. As a lover of all things wheat, I thought to myself how could a meal without gluten be delicious? I stand delightfully surprised. The dynamic duo of a South American woman married to an Israeli (pretty kosher) man has created an amazing menu of woodfire grilled meats as well as health conscious sides such as fried or -- get this -- BAKED plantains as well as rice or quinoa all combine with other veggies to make a delicious meal that feels like you're over-indulging but really is quite figure friendly.


Plantain chips and salsa


Baked and fried plantains, quinoa, rice, veggie stir fry, and beef and chicken kabobs


Chicken sausage


Grilled tilapia




Gluten free carrot cake (delicious!)

I was so pleasantly surprised by the delicious flavors of the meats and sides as well as the desserts. On the tables at Fuego Mundo, there is a hot sauce that is just the perfect blend of flavor and heat that adds an amazing flavor to everything in the restaurant.

If you're skeptical like I was, you owe it to yourself to try it out. As we were leaving, my hubby ordered the lamb chops...which were just delicious! Check it out and decide for yourself but I almost guarantee that the flavors and heartiness of your meal will make you -- at least momentarily -- forget about gluten!